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Apply here to collaborate with us 

Click on the button below to tell us about your project or idea, and what type of collaboration or support you need from us.  The button will take you to the application form hosted on the LGBT Consortiums website,  you can fill it out online, or complete a printed document, or send in a video to apply. 

We are only accepting collaboration applications for projects that are based upon the ideas for projects and interventions created by trans people in our consultations. You can find out more about these ideas in the: under 18s report, adults healthcare report, and adults criminal justice reports here

Applications can be for financial and/or non-financial support. Some ideas for non-financial types of collaboration support we could provide you with are:

  • mentoring with one of the partnership organisaitons

  • use of desk space

  • training

  • support around organisational structure

  • comms support

Due to variations in capacity among the partners, we might not be able to offer all types of non-financial support, but please ask and we will do our best to make something suitable work.

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