Collaborate with us

After trans people told us what they think the solutions to the issues in healthcare and justice are for trans people, we now want to make those solutions happen.


  This is a set to step guide to applying to collaborate with us - tell us what you need to make your idea happen and we will collaborate with you to provide that.


We are committed to being transparent and clear about how decisions are made. We are also committed to accessibility, if you need support completing an application please contact us at:


Creating your idea

We are only accepting collaboration applications for projects that are based upon the ideas for projects and interventions created by trans people in our consultations. You can find out more about these ideas in the: under 18s report, adults healthcare report, and adults criminal justice reports here

The types of collaboration support we can provide you are: monetary, training or facility provision.


Creating your application

To tell us about your idea and what type of collaboration or support you will need from us please click on the button below which will take you to the application form on the LGBT Consortiums website,  you can fill it out online, or complete a printed document, or send in a video to apply.

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collaboration (2).png


Decision Making Process

A panel made up of partnership organisations, trans people with expertise on a particular relevant topic, and trans community members will look at each collaboration request.


When a decision has been made regarding your collaboration request  we will get back to you with feedback. Below you can see the projects we are currently supporting, and unsuccessful ideas with brief reasoning as to why we did not collaborate.