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What collaborations are we looking for?

There are three areas of research that the project focused on: healthcare, criminal justice, and under 18’s. This is a list of ideas of the types of projects we are looking to collaborate on. Projects can seek to improve existing outcomes, make changes to current systems, or pursue different kinds of systems altogether. These are some suggestions to start with, but this is not an exhaustive list:


Healthcare collaborations could be about:

  • Improving outcomes in the current healthcare system

    • Training trans health advocates

    • Creating resources for both GPs and patients

    • Creating support systems for those on waiting lists

  • Making changes to the current healthcare system

    • Mandatory trans training for health care providers

    • Support to overcome barriers that some identities are more likely to face

    • Moving to an informed consent model

    • Introducing trans district nurses

    • Improving how gender markers are recorded on NHS records


Criminal Justice collaborations could be about:

  • Improving outcomes in the current criminal justice system

    • Skill sharing/survival education for trans communities

    • Resources for incarcerated trans people

    • Training trans criminal justice advocates

    • Supporting trans people through hate crime reporting

  • Changing the criminal justice system

    • Formal training to improve interactions with police

    • Training trans liaison officers

    • Making it easier to report violence/hate crime/abuse

  • Pursuing alternatives to the criminal justice system

    • Creating non-punitive pathways for hate crime offenders, e.g., Education, mediation, accountability

    • Decriminalizing sex work

    • Prison reform


Under 18’s collaborations could be about:

  • Healthcare

    • Mapping the medical transition process

    • Creating welcoming spaces

    • Equipping trans youth healthcare advocates

    • Improving access to GIDS

    • Providing mental health support

    • Educating GPs and other health providers

  • Justice

    • Establishing trans specific spaces and peer support networks

    • Equipping trans youth justice advocates

    • Providing trans representation and access to history and culture

    • Establishing safer spaces and trans groups in schools

    • Teaching about trans experience

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